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our little sack of sugar

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes dear friends! I'll show them to Sofia one day when she knows how to read. Here is a little video I put together with little moments from her first year, if you'd like to see. I need to film her more often. music © Elizabeth Mitchell , via a cup of jo.

Happy first birthday Sofia!

This Sunday Sofia had her first birthday. We did a little party for her, just a small group of family and friends. It turned out ok, but I was upset that I didn't manage to get any "birthday portraits" of her, you know in the high chair with the cake and all. I guess it's always like that, some things turn out not like you imagine. But Sofia had a good time. She loved playing with the boys and loved chasing bubbles. I will post more pics soon. Meanwhile she made her first steps yesterday. But still afraid to let go and walk by herself. I got a milestone email from the babycentre that my baby is a toddler now, and it made me a little teary. They grow up so fast!

Happy Friday

Wishing you a happy Mother's Day weekend. It will be my first!


Love all the beautiful blossoming trees on our street right now. Good thing I took some photos yesterday because most are almost done and washed away with rain today.

Pink Grapefruit

Lately I'm so into grapefruit. I like mine with a little bit of brown sugar. It's so simple yet delicious. How do you like yours?

11 months old!

Sofia is 11 months old! Can't believe her first birthday is less than a months away. Got to start preparing, the panic mode is ON! She is such a big girl already. She can clap her hands, shows where her head is, can show where mommy's eyes are, points to things, turnes pages in books. She likes to dance and tries to repeat the moves, so adorable! She loves to be chased and laughs hysterically! She doesn't run by herself though yet, still scared to let go while walking. Also still not too fond of solids but I keep on trying! Few more of my favourite shots: