It's 2020 and I'm going back to blogging

I know, blogging is so 2010, isn't it? But to be honest I feel like I am missing this experience on Instagram. Sure, IG makes it difficult to leave, writing posts on the phone is easy but there is something missing for me: a sense of direction, putting effort into my posts and organizing my thoughts, ideas and interests. I've been trying to pack to blogging for the past few years and would get stuck on choosing the blog platform etc. That's the reason I'm making it simple this time, I'm going back to my old blog, the one I had before Instagram years ago. There is not even an app for Blogger on my phone and I need to use a computer to write a post. I know so not very Insta! But maybe it's better that way if it makes me slow down and be more intentional. Even if nobody is reading this any more I will have space for me, my own diary and hopefully a useful tool for self development. I'm excited to start over again!

Yoko Takahashi

I've been such bad blogger lately but these pictures of Russia by Yoko Takahashi made me so nostalgic that I just had to share them with you. These are like looking into my childhood memories, travelling by trains to grandma's house in summer, feeling carefree. Just pictures of ordinary things but they take me into my happy place. View more of Yoko's amazing work here:

victoria day weekend

Yesterday we went to the Bronte Creek park near Toronto. We rode our bicycles, visited a little farm and had a picnic under a blossoming apple tree. I was a lovely day!

ooshki at City of Craft

You probably know from Instagram that this Saturday I went to the City of Craft show in Toronto. But this time I was there not as a visitor but as a vendor. I was really excited since it was my first time being a vendor at a craft fair.
So thank you everyone who came by to say hello, it was great meeting you in person! And for those who couldn't make it or are not in Toronto I have some news — the next shop update will be on Friday, April 26th, at 12:00pm Toronto time. Please stop by and I hope you'll find something you love!

my anti - bags

I remember the early 2000s and the time of big brand "it-bags" and how it all became overdone afterwards. I've noticed lately I am not carrying handbags any more because simply I can't find any that I like. So instead I am using fabric totes and clutches. I find using pouches with totes makes it easier to keep things organized, otherwise throwing everything in one tote would make a huge mess. My husband jokes with me "and do you have another small bag to put inside that clutch?" Anyway... These are just some of my favourites out there.

Just when I finished putting together this post Leslie Oschmann's newsletter came in the mail. I forgot how much I like her painting totes! I think they are beautiful and original and would love to get one some day.

What do you use to carry things around these days?

1. Fieldgided Thunder In Our Hearts Tote 2. Anntorian Handwoven Zipper Pouch 3. Pretzel Tote by Caitlyn Murphy 4. Baggu Gold Pouch 5. OUi Tote by My…

Inspired by: Kate Jenkins

Some time ago I stumbled upon these amazing crochet pieces that I was meaning to share with you. They are creations of UK artist Kate Jenkins. Kate's work is unique and innovative with a humorous side. There are many super cool things in her collection: food, treats and amazing detail work on crochet typography labels. But I think my favourite are all her seafood items. I just love these sequinned fishies! All images © Kate Jenkins
Sofia is a country girl at heart. It has been her favourite play subject since we took her to the pumpkin patch last fall. So when we took her to the farm last weekend she was very excited. It was a first warm day of the season, the farm we went to was way too crowded but Sofia had a good time. She didn't understand the egg hunt idea so instead of collecting the eggs she was putting them into other kids baskets. Love that kid. There was a puppet concert, farm animals and a tractor ride. This girl loves tractors.
She actually told me one day: "Sofia wants to live on the farm!" We are gonna try to get her out there more often this summer, strawberry picking is on our to do list. I hope you all had a nice long weekend!