Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my anti - bags

Totes & Clutches I remember the early 2000s and the time of big brand "it-bags" and how it all became overdone afterwards. I've noticed lately I am not carrying handbags any more because simply I can't find any that I like. So instead I am using fabric totes and clutches. I find using pouches with totes makes it easier to keep things organized, otherwise throwing everything in one tote would make a huge mess. My husband jokes with me "and do you have another small bag to put inside that clutch?" Anyway... These are just some of my favourites out there.

Just when I finished putting together this post Leslie Oschmann's newsletter came in the mail. I forgot how much I like her painting totes! I think they are beautiful and original and would love to get one some day.

What do you use to carry things around these days?

1. Fieldgided Thunder In Our Hearts Tote 2. Anntorian Handwoven Zipper Pouch 3. Pretzel Tote by Caitlyn Murphy 4. Baggu Gold Pouch 5. OUi Tote by My Little French Shop 6. Clamshell Pouch by Falconwright.

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