Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy first birthday Sofia!

first birthday This Sunday Sofia had her first birthday. We did a little party for her, just a small group of family and friends. It turned out ok, but I was upset that I didn't manage to get any "birthday portraits" of her, you know in the high chair with the cake and all. I guess it's always like that, some things turn out not like you imagine. But Sofia had a good time. She loved playing with the boys and loved chasing bubbles. I will post more pics soon. Meanwhile she made her first steps yesterday. But still afraid to let go and walk by herself. I got a milestone email from the babycentre that my baby is a toddler now, and it made me a little teary. They grow up so fast!


  1. Happy Birthday Sofia!

    My daughter just turned 2 and this birthday I didn't get any nice portraits of her either. For both her birthdays we had a party with family, but the first year my brother-in-law was there to take some lovely photos of all of us. Handing over the camera and having them take photos is so essential in these situations.

    And lol, on the baby center mail...I too was quite shocked about it...what, my little baby isn't a baby anymore. No, I'm not ready yet!

  2. So sweet! Happy birthday, Sofia! Can't wait to see more photos. Judging by your taste and style, I'm certain it was a darling celebration. =)

  3. Oh and she's so gorgeous and healthy and 1!!!!! Many more years to get the portrait down pat ;)



  4. happy birthday, darling sofia!!