Friday, March 2, 2012

birthday portrait


Thank goodness it's Friday! What a crazy week it was. Sofia turned 9 months on Monday and I haven't had a chance to put together even a small post. It's so great I get to work from home otherwise I don't know how I would stay late at the office.
She is such a big girl now! I can't believe it. To me it seems like she was just born and yet almost a year had past! Anyway...
She got 3 more teeth at the top. One more is coming up. She is crawling all over. We already started baby proofing, put bumpers on some corners. She loves walking (assisted). If she can lean against something she can stand by herself. She can now eat finger foods, i love it! She can waive hello and knows where mama and daddy is. And also where is the ceiling light, so random i know! Hew favourite "words" right now are "eeeennn" and "mmmm.. dya". The latter one is particularly funny because in Russian it sounds like "hmm..yeah!"

Have a great weekend everyone!
Off to reply to your comments to the previous post now.


  1. прелестная малышка София! растите здоровенькими! )

  2. Sofie is absolutely beautiful! At this age they just melt your heart. If only they didn't grow so fast. Enjoy every moment, Elana.


  3. Aawww, your daughter is lovely! :)

  4. Stumbled here, blog hopping the afternoon away, and so glad I did. I have three little ladies under eight, but my youngest is two. Nine months was my absolute favorite for all. I've always thought that age had so much to say, so much learned in observations. Your photo proves this thought, it's fantastically lovely.

  5. Какие вы обе клёвые!