Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Sofia!

Sofia 3 months old
Our girl is 3 month old today. New developments this month:
- She can reach and grab a toy, then puts it into her mouth right away.
- I can see little tears now when she cries, so heartbreaking, like just crying is not enough.
- She started sleeping so much lately. She would sleep like 7 -8 hours through the night. I was a little worried first but apparently that's normal.
I coulnd't get her to smile for this photoshoot but she's been smiling a lot! Can't wait to hear her giggle!


  1. Oh Elena, your daughter is beautiful...these times go by with a blink of an eye. As hard as the first year can be it is also so so special. My daughter just turned five and will be starting kindergarten next week. I remember her at 3 months like it was yesterday. Take care. xo Leslie

  2. So cute! I love her little Totoro!