Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sofia update

Sofia 19 motnhs Sofia is one year and 7 months old. She started to play pretend games. She got a tea set a s gift recently and she likes to give her toys some tea and cupcakes. She also started to take two toys and pretend like they talk to each other: "Hi doggy! - hi bunny!" This month she discovered Mickey Mouse and loves all the characters! Goofy is her fave. Some funny things she said this month:

After playing with her wooden sandwich set she puts it back piece by piece, and says "the cheese is tired, cheese is going to rest".

Sofia, Let's put the rug under the tree to cover the cords.
- Let's lay on the rug!
You are not a doggie to lay on the rug like this
She (brings her plush dog):
- Let's lay with doggie!

What is your name?
- Sofia
And what is your last name?
- Skokov. Daddy Skokov, mommy Skokov, grandma Skokov, grandpa Skokov, grandpa Santa Skokov, snowmen Skokov.

Sofia 19 motnhs Sofia 19 motnhs Sofia 19 motnhs Sofia 19 motnhs Sofia 19 motnhs I keep recording her on Soundcloud. It's probably not very interesting if you don't know Russian but here she is looking at the page where an owl is sitting in the tree hollow and says: "An owl... Is coming out... Out to the nature... And looking... And it will see the animals."


  1. Your daughter is sooooo sweet! Seriously, I bet you just love snuggling her.

  2. So sweet!!! I love her little tutu. Adorable!

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