Tuesday, June 26, 2012

summery kind of post

Strawberries with ricotta Field flowers Ice cream Field flowers A few of my favourite things right now:
- the perfect summer weather these couple of days
- field flowers Sofia and I picked
- my new terrain cup a fiend was kind enough to bring me from the States
- local Ontario strawberries, I have been eating them with everything and Sofia loves them.


  1. Elena, your photos are amazingly beautiful and I feel such a strong connection with your images.... It feels that if I lived in Toronto, I had a close friend... Thank you so much for sharing your divine works. :)

  2. So pretty and definitely summery! :)

  3. Твой фотографии действительно красивы, Елена! Я действительно чувствую себя летом (это не так в моей стране - сегодня погода плохая!) (Please forgive my rusty Russian !)

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