Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Motherhood so far


It looks like this might be turning into a "mommy blog" but it's true they say that once you have children everything else fades. And for me blogging just doesn't make sense if you don't write from the heart.

Our little girl turned one month old yesterday. What a crazy month it has been. Truly an emotional rollercoaster. The first week when we just brought her home was the roughest - when she was crying non stop and you don't know how to comfort her, and your heart just breaks to see her so upset. None of the advice that you read before really work and you feel like throwing all those books out of the window. And you can't help but feeling like a you are a terrible mother. I knew my life would change dramatically and I wouldn't have time to do things I like for a long time but when it actually happens it's quite shocking. No one really talks about those nursing marathons when you literally can't get off the couch for hours. I even had this bizarre dream one night that I am chained to my couch with my arms and legs paralysed. And you worry. About everything. A lot. I am sure it will get easier as times goes by and she gets older. I am so looking forward to establishing a scheduled routine.

Other than my own emotional issues things have been great so far. I really shouldn't be complaining. She is gaining weight OK and although I had issues first I am lucky to be able to breastfeed now. She started sleeping in her bassinet last week, before she could only sleep on my chest. She still hates diaper changes and to my biggest disappointment she hates the wrap sling. I will continue trying but the poor thing just flips out when I put her in. When she falls asleep I put her into the stroller and we go for a walk in the park by Humber river. Its so beautiful down there. Here are a few snaps. I guess this is where we will be hanging out all summer.




  1. Elena, this is so beautiful! The whole situation)
    You will get the hang of it soon, no worries)
    My sister had her baby in December, and now they have their schedule, the baby is happy most of the time, loves getting undressed)
    My mom got him this comfortable cute chair with music and lights and seat belts and everything) at first he hated it, as soon as he realized we had put him in that chair he would start screaming and crying hysterically) but now he loves it)

    You're right about blogging, the theme doesn't matter as soon as you do it with you heart)
    take care

  2. i don't mind the switch to "mommy blog." for those of us that are not yet mommies, it will be helpful to get advice.


  3. Очень рада за Вас, у Вас чудесная малышка!

    ...По моему личному опыту, "it will get easier" когда появляется второй ребенок :-) С первым всё так и остается новым и непознанным и немного пугающим... зато со вторым не покидает чувство уверенности: "Ну я-то это уже проходила, теперь я знаю, как растут дети, и что на самом деле важно и что -- нет, и сама могу решать что делать и кого слушать и..." :-)
    Удачи Вам во всем!