Friday, February 4, 2011

happy weekend!

Hello friends! What are you up to this weekend? I am planning to go to the Love & Rummage Trunk Show at The Workroom this Sunday. Lot's of wonderful vendors there!

These are really simple shortbread cookies I made last weekend. It's the same recipe as these, just the lazy version. BTW, do you use Martha's Cookie app? It looks so good and so many cute recipes, I think I need to get it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Wonbderful photos! I'm hoping to get to a flea market on sunday, maybe find a treasure or two... Enjoy your weekend!

  2. mmmm, gorgeous photos! Happy weekend! xxxxx

  3. my heart literally skips a beat every time your pictures show up in my reader. they are always so fresh and clean! I hope you have a very lovely weekend!

  4. sweet! i really like the first pic, very soft and delicate :)

    happy w/e to you!


  5. I'm obsessed with your photographs! Absolutely stunning! Any tips on how to take better photos? What time of camera/lens do you use? I would love to learn how to take better photos and would appreciate any info/tips. You are truly inspirational!

  6. Ah so pretty! And so is your lovely Feb calender!x

  7. I'm an entry level photographer and just found your blog..I went through every single post! LOL
    Your photography is AMAZING...and oh the flowers..I feel a sense of kindred spirit here..hehe..I can never get this sharp/bright look when taking photos..Just wondering what camera/lens you use..


  8. Спасибо, Лен! У меня прекрасные выходные - сегодня у меня день рождения! :-)