Monday, July 26, 2010

summer weekend

weekend in july
weekend in july
weekend in july
weekend in july
This weekend we cleaned our messy apartment, I am in uncluttering mode right now, getting rid of stuff. Feels so good.
Also made an apricot tart and painted my toes orange.
I hope your weekend was great!
. . .
some things i like:
+ Beautiful floor ties and ceramic plates in this house on the Italian island of Panarea
+ Roland Bello's photography - especially this Tuscan inspired editorial for Gourmet magazine (click on p.3)
+ Jose Villa's summer in Mexico


  1. Is the first time that I come to your blog.
    Is really pretty.
    Pictures that you share with us are beauties.
    I love your bottons on the right :)

  2. Also just discovered your blog this week. What an appropriate name! Absolutely beautiful light. Best wishes