It's 2020 and I'm going back to blogging

I know, blogging is so 2010, isn't it? But to be honest I feel like I am missing this experience on Instagram. Sure, IG makes it difficult to leave, writing posts on the phone is easy but there is something missing for me: a sense of direction, putting effort into my posts and organizing my thoughts, ideas and interests. I've been trying to pack to blogging for the past few years and would get stuck on choosing the blog platform etc. That's the reason I'm making it simple this time, I'm going back to my old blog, the one I had before Instagram years ago. There is not even an app for Blogger on my phone and I need to use a computer to write a post. I know so not very Insta! But maybe it's better that way if it makes me slow down and be more intentional. Even if nobody is reading this any more I will have space for me, my own diary and hopefully a useful tool for self development. I'm excited to start over again!


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